b i was abadere
i was abadere

i watchdd the new adventure time im cryin

lms if i should pull an all nighter

should i stay up all night i have state testing tomorrow

i need a link for the new at episode that works on mobile i cant wait six hours

someone link me the new adventure time episode

i missed the new adventure time i need to watch it


kinda getting sick of people on this stupid website treating gender like some cool outfit they feel like wearing to look different and cute and like actual genderqueer people dont go through a huge dysphoric struggle just to reach at least some degree of conclusion and undesrtanding of their gender like smh you don’t just wake up one day like please call me bun because its cute and thats it :) bye sorry it’s really hard to believe these kind of people anymore like uuughhh

have you heard of zoey nozomi

i started thibking about code lyoko i cant stop

my kink is the size of forehead in code lyoko

code lyoko